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eutaptics reimprinting toxic beliefs

Toxic beliefs are the producers of our problems. Most people often wonder why they are caught up in the same cycle of problems – we say, it is because you created them and some may take this as a step to self-development while others take no effort and dash away forever doubting the ability of the mind to influence our happiness.

We are all special, we are born packed with tendencies. However, our tendencies aren’t always on the positive side, we are equally packed with negative tendencies. The precursor of how these tendencies ripen and become an integral part of what we identify as self, personality or characteristic are our experiences, from birth until today.

In other words, you have the tendency to be a great musician if your mind has tapped into music since you were little. You have the tendency to become great in just about anything as much as a tendency to produce cycle of problems that makes you assume that you are a failure.

As long as you live, all these tendencies, good and bad are active in your being.

Mental Programs

When the tendencies have ripened, it becomes part of self, becoming what we believe as our mental programming. Mental programs determine our reaction and response to the world around us. While our mental programming appears to be fixed or permanent, they are not.

Our personal beliefs about how the world works are but an attribute of the mind, but it is not what makes the mind or defines self in its entirety.

If all our mental programs are virtuous in nature, then life could be a lot easier and everyone will be living in harmony. But that is not the case as we are gifted with a unique set of mental skills. How we store and use memories or imprints and how the unconscious and subconscious use them as part of our coping mechanism varies from one individual to the next.

In other words, mental programming is a set of skills. Each day we are skillfully producing what our mind holds valid and true. We function from one imprint to the next to identify with our new experiences to formulate a reaction or response in order to keep us safe, emotionally and physically.

Our toxic beliefs are often the creators of non-virtuous mental programs that leads us to behave, think and function negatively.

7 Common Toxic Beliefs

There is a lengthy list of toxic beliefs each of us holds precious within our minds. So precious we think losing them would mean we are less of a person. To some degree, we cling on these toxic beliefs like our safety is bound with them.

Nonetheless, in reality, they serve us nothing, they are the cause that makes us feel limited, uninspired and respond negatively about the world we live in.

1. You are not meant to be happy

Previous relationships may have caused you to be convinced that you are not meant to be happy. Often, coming out of a tragic relationship may cause us to feel guilty, ashamed or disappointed of ourselves, then we create and cling to the idea that we are not meant to be happy.

When we subscribe to this idea, it affects all other aspects of our mind, behavior and life. Feeling stuck in a negative situation and unable to seize opportunities of either a new relationship or career growth are very common to people who holds a belief that they are not meant to be happy.

The imprints that the subconscious holds about happiness can create impact in our overall wellbeing. Decide to be happy today and start believing that each and every one is meant to be happy.

Happiness is every soul’s birthright.

2. History repeats itself

History is nonexistent in physical form. It is done – finish, past – and subscribing to the belief that your past has control over your today and tomorrow will only allow problems of the similar nature to be produced. History doesn’t repeat itself, it is more appropriate that you repeat the same mental programs that is why it seems like what happened in the past is happening again.

To break the cycle of problems, illnesses and unwanted life experiences, you need to break free from this toxic belief. None of the past is real, unless you command your mind that they still exist.

The subconscious has the power to attract similar experiences, good and bad. Choose wisely what you keep in constant high vibration for they are being served to your experiences without falter.

3. I don’t fit anywhere

While there is virtue in claiming your uniqueness, there is no virtue in claiming it believing that you are an outcast. The reason that we feel discord with our environments is the fact that often our dreams and purpose in life is misaligned with our reality.

You can either see that in the positive light or drown thinking its negative and never pursue to change and transform your mindsets.

You create your reality based on your mental resources, choose to have positive mental resources and let go of the negative ones, then you will see the perfection in each unfolding moment.

4. Jealousy and Envy

Jealousy and envy does not create progress. The mind processes thoughts of this nature not to motivate you but to destroy you. Aspire to be the person you are jealous of or align with the person you are envious of and it can lead you to drive better results.

If you are constantly jealous, you give a pretty wide window for other negative emotions to rise and simultaneously fire negative mental patterns that will only make you feel frustrated, drained and ultimately – feel like a failure.

5. Accept Criticism

Criticism, although there are so many that are intended to negatively affect you should not always affect you and cause you to feel bad about yourself. Building psychological flexibility can help you shield from criticism that may affect you.

Practice how to see the good in each criticism and keep an open mind about it. Use and absorb the ones that can help you grow and discard the negative ones.

6. Life is boring

When you give rise to the idea that life is dull and boring, you are definitely going to produce a boring life. The way we see life is just based on our mental conditioning.

If you conditioned your mind to see life as exciting and full of joy, you will be hyperaware of those that can lead you more happiness. However, if your mental programming is focused on the negative and boring side of life, no doubt – you will produce more of it.

7. There is no one for you

Feeling lonely and depressed may happen from time to time, but like anything else, you created it. Harsh as it may sound for other people but this is the reality of things. The more you think that there is no one for you, your mind will produce the feeling of depression, loneliness and self-pity and because of these negative emotions, you will feel as though there is no one for you in this entire planet.

Hardly so, but you will never find that perfect match unless you first align with yourself and truly without any trace of doubt feel that you are a complete being capable of happiness without depending on another person.

Reimprinting Toxic Beliefs

Reimprinting toxic beliefs can warrant new mindsets to be formed by the mind allowing you to release problems caused by negative mental programs.

To reimprint means locating the imprint within the subconscious and unconscious that holds the highest emotional value supporting a toxic belief. When the emotions carried by these imprints or memories are released, an individual will automatically achieve a better perception about life and access to experiences leading to happiness.

Eutaptics is a memory reimprinting system that holds a good track record in helping people release negative mindsets by destroying toxic beliefs. Get started today!

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