Healing Your Sexual Self Through Eutaptics

eutaptics healing sexual issues

Eutaptics is a mental healing system that can activate healing from sexual issues. Eutaptics has a complete understanding on how sexual problems are produced by the mind. In application of Eutaptics methods to heal from sexual issue a person is given resolution to the internal problems where the issues are produced.

Robert G. Smith, the creator of Eutaptics was able to help thousands suffering from sexual issues through the healing processes he delivers in Eutaptics. There are a lot of Eutaptics Practitioners who are also psychosexual therapists. The main reason Eutaptics is widely used by psychosexual therapists is because it is the only healing system that can complement other forms of treatment without posing any risks.

Sexual problems often vary in complexity and intensity, most if not all sexual issues have mental origin. Unless otherwise it has been caused by an injury through surgery or accident.

Most sexual issues that are rooted in the mind are linked with traumatic stress responses or some, even common chronic stress disorders. While some issues may seem temporary, others may remain for years becoming a major forerunner for the individual’s feeling of unhappiness.

If not addressed, sexual issues can cause arousal of other negative emotions causing an individual to react negatively on many aspects in life. Sex is among the primeval need of a human being. It is true that it can be difficult to discuss since it contains the most sensitive, private and intimate needs of a person. But in reality, every adult needs it because it is an integral part of our biological program.

What sexual issues can Eutaptics help with?

  1. Loss of Sexual Desire
  2. Difficulties in achieving orgasm
  3. Painful intercourse
  4. Sexual arousal issues
  5. Erectile dysfunction
  6. Delayed ejaculation
  7. Premature ejaculation
  8. Intimacy issues following abuse
  9. Emotional breakdown following separation
  10. Vaginismus
  11. Fear of sexual acts
  12. Negative belief systems about sex
  13. Avoidance behavior – sex
  14. Low self-esteem relating to intimacy
  15. Sexual intimacy issues relating to past sexual traumas
  16. Sexual issues relating to fetishes and preferences

How does Eutaptics work on sexual issues?

The main goal of Eutaptics is to identify the root cause of sexual issues. It is the only sexual healing process that can get to the root cause of the problem fast. The symptoms are not ignored of course, but the symptoms are not addressed one by one. The quicker the root cause of the problem is addressed; the symptoms shall follow and disappear. Meaning if you change the mental programming from where the problem is produced, the body automatically follows.

If seeking coaching or sessions with a Eutaptics practitioner and not self-application of the techniques through guided sexual healing programs, there will be sharing. This is essential for some advanced sexual issues.

The practitioner has to identify the thoughts, behaviors and patterns revolving around the issue. Exploring relevant past events is necessary to identify the memories producing the problem.

We operate from imprint to imprint. These imprints or memories are the precursor of our sexual habits, preferences, problems and satisfaction. This is how the mind works that is why it is important to understand because Eutaptics focus is on how the mind encodes, stores and process information.

Healing Sexual Memories of Rape and Abuse

WARNING: Strong Sexual Content. Please honor this work and those who volunteer by keeping this video private.

Sexual abuse is one of the most controversial and least talked about issues in society today, yet it is so common. This video shows you how Eutaptics can help release the hurt and pain of sexual abuse or rape. Every woman should watch this video. Celia was sexually abused at the age of 3-4. Get your copy here.

In other words, in order to breakdown the mental structure leading to sexual issues, the source has to be reimprinted. If the problem is revolving around past traumas, the memory of the trauma with the highest frequency has to be changed.

For some people, new to the idea of memory reimprinting, this may be difficult to understand. In a nutshell, our mind has several divisions or layers of consciousness. All our memories are encoded within the subconscious and the unconscious, think of it as big storage of data.

All our incoming and present experiences are identified by the conscious mind by rapidly and simultaneously drawing references coming from memories or stored data.

Without this function, it would be difficult for us to survive because it is responsible in signaling the brain and the body’s reaction whether something is dangerous, safe or neutral. Meaning even if there is no actual danger, but if the mind perceives a thought that has been provoked to be dangerous, it automatically shuts down, this is the case with most sexual issues.

In short, sexual issues are miscommunication between mental program and body functions. As such, it can be changed because the mind has boundless ability to transform and heal itself.

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