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eutpatics stress management

When everyday pressure and tension from work and life gets in our way, we simply ignore the signs of something more sinister – burnout. The term may seem normal as most people use it and attribute a colloquial meaning simply being in state of being tired.

However, medically speaking, burnout can be more than the usual complaint of being tired. Being burnout means suffering from mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.

Experiencing daily stress that leads for emotions, mind and body to not fully recover before a new one hits can lead to chronic stress or burnout. Eutaptics is a system created to combat the signs and symptoms of burnout and equips a person with knowledge on how to stop stress on its tracks.

If the mind continues to adapt on a regular highly stressed state it can lead for the body to experience complications that can lead to physical illnesses and disorders.

What Happens to Mind and Body When Stressed?

Stress can actually help the mind to function better and improve performance. That is if you can keep it check to be in mild to relatively moderate levels.

Nonetheless, stress outside your comfort zone can cause the mind and mental functions to go in a frenzy and produce chaos in between your mental network. Hence, losing focus and allowing the body to tense.

But what really happens is that the mind begins to signal the brain that there is a threat. You see this is a primitive response of the mind to all kinds of stressors, it is very helpful in times of real danger. But the mind is often non-discriminative, it will produce the same response even to the mildest stressor you encounter throughout the day, when it piles up, you feel limping at the end of the day.

When the brain has been triggered by the mind of things relating to stress, the brain triggers the body to utilize the autonomic nervous system to prioritize release of stress hormones. The stress hormones function to keep the mind and the body alert and be ready to be in defense, run or freeze. It is an awesome mechanism in times of real and great danger.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t serve the body any good when it happens on mild to relatively moderate stress because it only produces confusion within the body’s systems. The cardiovascular system will automatically dilate and constrict your blood vessels in different parts of the body, while the heart pumps more blood than normal.

In other words, your blood supply in other parts of the body is elevated while others are reduced. Causing some major organs deprived of nutrients and oxygen. If the body is allowed to recover quickly, stress cannot create major damages, but in cases of burnout or chronic stress disorder, the body is placed in major risks.

But the most notable mental reaction is the formation of negative mental patterns caused by stress. Such as anxiety, depression, headaches, chronic pains, immune system deficiency and many others. In fact, 70-90% of all doctor’s visits are stress-related illnesses.

How Eutaptics Get Rid of Stress?

The most important thing in trying to fight and eradicate stress is to find where it is rooted. Eutaptics is a mental healing system that can help anyone get rid of stress from where it is within the mind. What creates extreme stress for one person may cause no to mild stress for another.

The reason for this lies within how you perceive a particular object, event or person that is causing you stress. Our perception about anything is affected by our memories, the records we hold within the mind that serves as references whether something we are experiencing is safe, dangerous or neutral. This is how the mind works.

Meaning to say, if we learn how to change our mental perception about something that creates stress, we can reduce the risk of burnout and chronic stress disorder to buildup.

How Eutaptics does this is by training an individual to reimprint those memories causing stress. For example, if you are easily triggered by your boss, there might be something within your mind that provokes the idea of reacting or overreacting, through  Eutaptics techniques you can discover and pinpoint exactly what it is.

Perhaps it’s your boss’s appearance, or his demeanor that resembles someone from your past that caused you pain. There are many possibilities, and Eutaptics is a process that can pinpoint the reference in which stress is drawn.

Another great thing about the Eutaptics process is that personal application is actionable in times when you need it most.

It is the only healing system that helps people outsmart stress from its source, allowing the body to fully recover and relax the mind, body and spirit.

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