Eutaptics – Coping with Drug Cravings and Overcoming Relapse

eutaptics addiction resolution

Drug addiction can be a long struggle and sobriety seems like an impossible state to achieve. Recovering from drug addiction begins with deciding you want to change. This initial step seems like the most difficult to achieve and easiest to say.

The cycle of addiction isn’t just vicious in nature, it can be a challenge to collapse within the mind of a drug user. That is why it is very important to address where the cycle of addiction is rooted and collapse the structure from that source.

The road to recovery is not always easy, but with recovery tools like Eutaptics you are guaranteed to produce a better life in no time without having to deal with the common pitfalls and setbacks. This is made possible by how Eutaptics can hack through the mind and reimprint memories causing addiction.

Addiction is a Mental Program

Every habit, reaction or response are mental programs that we inhabit. In other words, addictions and cravings are also mental programs created by the mind. Because of this nature of addiction, it means it is not a pathological disease, but merely a way of the mind to cope. More often than not, addictions result from avoidance behavior that may be rooted from an experience which caused an imprint in the mind to be actively used as a coping filter.

When an emotion is triggered, the person automatically switches on the program of addiction entering the cycle. To break the cycle of addiction, it is very important to learn the cause and not push the blame on substance.

Our misguided attempts to manage stress is a forerunner to developing drug abuse. Turning to alcohol and drugs is a very common thing to temporarily escape confronting emotions and experiences.

To create a lasting change to the addiction mental programming it is also essential that a person is equip with life management techniques. Eutaptics, by far is a modality ahead of others because of it’s life management approach that can help a person not only to recover by sustain a happier life.

Coping with Cravings and Overcoming Relapse

When a mental program becomes active, this program dominates the way we think. To break a program such as addiction and cravings, the person has to weaken the structure every time there is a trigger.

Eutaptics Tapping is a way to weaken triggers and with practice can completely eradicate the addiction program from deeper consciousness. Tapping releases the emotions carried by the imprint causing the trigger to use drugs. As a person taps along the meridian points, they can reduce the body’s stress response and slowly break the addiction cycle.

The Eutaptics tapping points are aimed towards using the key organs like the bladder, gallbladder, stomach, kidneys, lungs, large intestine, circulation, triple warmer, heart and small intestines.

Since we start out with a problem, in this case drug addiction trance, we end with the grabbing of the wrist after a deep breath and exhalation. With this we create a tranced state of relaxation, aka the Peace state. We keep repeating this cycle until that trance that caused you to reach for the needle is gone completely.

You do the sessions, change the memories and take away their power to trigger you to reach for the drug. They help you change memories and address your addiction, the addictive thinking of falling into a negative cycle instead of a positive cycle of thinking.

Changing old patterns of thinking will result in the physical changes. Testing and retesting is the key. Keep going until you can’t feel the feeling of being high. You know you’ve nipped it in the bud when you think about taking a hit but you realize you have something better to do instead of reaching for that drug.

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