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Successful PTSD Resolution Through [email protected]

eutaptics ptsd resolution

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a silent killer whether the cause of PTSD is due to any form of abuse, military service, or experiencing catastrophic events. It seems like those who suffer will never get permanent resolution and although other methods of psychotherapy have proven to help, lasting healing from PTSD resolution seems to be very difficult to achieve. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

eutaptics® FasterEFT Training is a combination of cutting edge techniques of the most effective healing modalities like, EFT, BSFF, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, spiritual understanding and science. It is a healing process of its own that can guarantee life transformation and help overcome PTSD.

eutaptics® FasterEFT Training can help end traumatic stress responses, not only the exhibited symptoms but help rewire the mind and release emotions carried by memories that supports the structure of traumatic stress. It is praised by many psychotherapists as the most effective tool in helping those who are suffering from PTSD.

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Memory Reimprinting and Manipulation to Defeat Stress Response

Stress responses may range from mild to moderate when triggered. In cases of people without PTSD recovery from stress responses appear impossible as the slightest trigger or sometimes no trigger at all may cause extreme stress responses such as:

 1. Re-experiencing symptoms or reliving the event

This is when a person keeps on replaying the bad memories in their head like a looped short movie, sometimes the memories are replayed in nightmares. The person may even feel like as if they are within the same exact event again. Flashback is another term used to call this symptom.

2. Having more negative beliefs and feelings

The formation of negative beliefs within the mind of someone who is suffering from PTSD is widely varied. Often it starts with being disinterested in things they use to enjoy. Sometimes they may have very strong feelings of guilt and shame.

Other times, they switch to thinking that the entire world is a dangerous place and unable to trust even those people they are closely related to. It causes the person to feel “emotionally numb” or find it very difficult to be happy.

3.Avoiding situations that may trigger memories of the event

This is among the most common coping mechanism used by people suffering from the PTSD. It seems automatic for the mind to avoid any reminder of what may trigger the memories of a traumatic event.

Nonetheless, because the part of the mind storing this memories (subconscious) has no logic and reason, it may cause impairment in judgement.

Avoidance can have a snowball effect, it can be avoiding 1 situation and the next thing you know, the person is also avoiding other situations that may not really be directly associated with the memory anymore. If this pattern continues, the person may end up avoiding reality and unable to go back to normally live their lives.

4. Hyperarousal

Hyperarousal exhibited by a person suffering from PTSD include: sleep disturbances, unable to concentrate, easily startled, irritability to the most common things, panic attacks, hyper-alertness. Hyperarousal can expose the body to many health risks because it sends torrents of stress hormones all over the body almost non-stop, the amount of stress hormones can soon increase the chance of the body to weaken and deteriorate.

In other cases, hyperarousal causes some people to turn to substance abuse just to “numb” the mind. Learn how Eutaptics ends Traumatic Stress Responses and PTSD.

Since Stress Responses originates from the imprint of the traumatic experience that the mind utilize as a basis of perceiving life, PTSD sufferers may find it hard to find a way out of the cycle of stress responses. To truly provide a resolution, the Eutaptics when applied can help release the emotions carried by the imprints, causing PTSD and its accompanying symptoms to weaken allowing the person to mentally and physically recuperate.

Book a PTSD-Specific Session with Robert G. Smith, Creator of eutaptics® FasterEFT Training

Robert is a known expert stressbuster among the international community of healers. Allow the same man who has helped thousands of people light your way out of the dark episode in your life living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The most amazing thing with Robert’s sessions is that he has a way to clear your mind without having to re-traumatize you as memories of the event are tackled.

His PTSD-Specific sessions may be done 1-on-1 or through the phone and internet. Help does not have to be complicated, allow natural healing by Robert Smith become a part of your life today.

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