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eutaptics® Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme Disease

eutaptics chronic fatigue care

Does your life revolve around medication and visits to doctors and specialists? Are you taking so many different kinds of medication just to be able to function in your daily life without doubling over in pain? We’re here to tell you, there’s hope and freedom from all this! Yes, with Eutaptics, it’s a life that IS possible to attain.

At one stage, Heather McKean from North Virginia, USA, was taking 180 tablets every day to try to cope with the conditions and illnesses. Having spent over $500,000 on medical bills, out of pocket (over and above healthcare) in just one year, Heather and her family were at their wits’ end. At one point she was bed-ridden, on full disability, and her husband was having to carry her to the bathroom.

Her condition became so chronic, that she couldn’t swallow the medication. This escalated to being unable to eat or drink anything at all. When she visited her doctor, she was found to be extremely dehydrated with liver and kidney failure, and was put on an I.V. drip at home.

This was one of the most difficult experiences for Heather – watching her two little daughters see her in that condition.

If you’ve experienced something similar, then please keep reading!

eutaptics® is the key to healing yourself of chronic fatigue syndrome, just as Heather did. Robert G. Smith explains how the mind works, stories memories and uses those memories as references to make sense of our present reality. That as hard as it may seem, we are responsible for creating our own reality and life experiences. That includes, physically debilitating pains and diseases.

The good news is, if you can create pain, you can create relief. It’ll start to make complete sense once you realize that, as real as your symptoms feel, and as real as your conditions are (you’ve got medical records, blood work and specialists’ notes to prove it), you are creating it.

How do I Uncreate It?

Instead of getting defensive at this idea, recognize it as the key to freedom from your chronic fatigue syndrome and other related health problems. If you are unknowingly creating these conditions, you can knowingly heal them. If you’ve ever been to one of Robert’s seminars or seen his videos on YouTube, you’ll notice that Robert helps by aiming directly at the problem by asking the volunteer to notice the pain and how it feels.

 He then uses the eutaptics® process to address not only the pain, but several bad memories. By the end of the demonstration, many participants can’t find their back pain, chronic fatigue, lethargy, etc. when Robert asks them to do so. In addition to that, volunteers often notice other little aches and pain also disappear, despite not having addressed them!

This is what happened to Heather. When she realized that in order to see more changes and transformation she would need to pick up where Robert left off, and continue to work on herself. Having not been an emotional person up until then, Heather was a little disconcerted at the well of emotions that seemed to be uncorked at the Eutaptics seminar she had been attending.

The next morning, completely free from the pain that was causing her to wince and struggle to walk when she first arrived at the seminar; Heather was able to practice yoga, while her husband and two little daughters watched her on Skype, amazed.

You too can have this kind of breakthrough with Eutaptics by your side.

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