eutaptics® Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme Disease

eutaptics chronic fatigue care

Does your life revolve around medication and visits to doctors and specialists? Are you taking so many different kinds of medication just to be able to function in your daily life without doubling over in pain? We’re here to tell you, there’s hope and freedom from all this! Yes, with Eutaptics, it’s a life that IS possible to attain.

At one stage, Heather McKean from North Virginia, USA, was taking 180 tablets every day to try to cope with the conditions and illnesses. Having spent over $500,000 on medical bills, out of pocket (over and above healthcare) in just one year, Heather and her family were at their wits’ end. At one point she was bed-ridden, on full disability, and her husband was having to carry her to the bathroom.

Her condition became so chronic, that she couldn’t swallow the medication. This escalated to being unable to eat or drink anything at all. When she visited her doctor, she was found to be extremely dehydrated with liver and kidney failure, and was put on an I.V. drip at home.

This was one of the most difficult experiences for Heather – watching her two little daughters see her in that condition.

If you’ve experienced something similar, then please keep reading!

eutaptics® is the key to healing yourself of chronic fatigue syndrome, just as Heather did. Robert G. Smith explains how the mind works, stories memories and uses those memories as references to make sense of our present reality. That as hard as it may seem, we are responsible for creating our own reality and life experiences. That includes, physically debilitating pains and diseases.

The good news is, if you can create pain, you can create relief. It’ll start to make complete sense once you realize that, as real as your symptoms feel, and as real as your conditions are (you’ve got medical records, blood work and specialists’ notes to prove it), you are creating it.

How do I Uncreate It?

Instead of getting defensive at this idea, recognize it as the key to freedom from your chronic fatigue syndrome and other related health problems. If you are unknowingly creating these conditions, you can knowingly heal them. If you’ve ever been to one of Robert’s seminars or seen his videos on YouTube, you’ll notice that Robert helps by aiming directly at the problem by asking the volunteer to notice the pain and how it feels.

 He then uses the eutaptics® process to address not only the pain, but several bad memories. By the end of the demonstration, many participants can’t find their back pain, chronic fatigue, lethargy, etc. when Robert asks them to do so. In addition to that, volunteers often notice other little aches and pain also disappear, despite not having addressed them!

This is what happened to Heather. When she realized that in order to see more changes and transformation she would need to pick up where Robert left off, and continue to work on herself. Having not been an emotional person up until then, Heather was a little disconcerted at the well of emotions that seemed to be uncorked at the Eutaptics seminar she had been attending.

The next morning, completely free from the pain that was causing her to wince and struggle to walk when she first arrived at the seminar; Heather was able to practice yoga, while her husband and two little daughters watched her on Skype, amazed.

You too can have this kind of breakthrough with Eutaptics by your side.

Click here to read about Heather’s story.

To attend a live event like the one Heather attended, visit the Live Events page.

The You Can Heal the Body Video Course

FasterEFT is an empowering mind tool which helps you release the stress and emotions associated with pain. Pain is necessary in our bodies to protect us. It is our bodies mechanism to stop us from being burnt, hurt, squashed, trapped and broken. There are two very different types of pain though, one is pain as we feel it and one is suffering as we respond to pain. With ongoing suffering we receive attention and love and support from those around us, at times it defines us and becomes part of our personality to be in suffering. But can we release this suffering? Does it feel separate to pain and how does the mind store it? Click here for to get started with “You Can Heal Your Body Course”

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Bulletproof Mind: Eutaptics Provides Psychological Flexibility

eutaptics life management

Life comes with the struggles and pains, it is inevitable due to the fact that we are social creatures, that we are interdependent among our kind and the environment we live in. To say that life isn’t tough is a big fat lie.

What is missing between the riddles of life is our ability to be psychologically flexible. To say that you will never feel pain ever again can never be true, to say that you will never be subject to aging and sickness is a lie.

What we hold true within the Eutaptics belief system is the fact that there is a choice, to be in pain or choose happiness. To be psychologically flexible rather than psychologically unstable.

It is the only healing system with understanding of the truths about this creation called life and will never deny any of these immutable universal truths.

We are surrounded by Universal Laws unfaltering to match our personal and collective mental vibrations.

We progress in life as an individual dependent on the knowledge we have accumulated since we were born. These knowledges transformed into collective data called memories are the basis on the formation of our reactions and how we identify with others, ultimately – how we identify with life.

How we trained our mind is directly related to how we trained our bodies to react. For the body is very obedient to that which the mind holds true.

Fears, pains, illnesses are being manifested by the body because of the mind welcoming it. In other words, it is impossible for the body to manifest something that the mind does not accept true. This is the first truth to accept in building a bulletproof mind.

Acquiring a Bulletproof Mind

The mind is the powerhouse of your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. The mind is your temple.

“Keeping your mental temple clean will keep you from ruins.” – Robert G. Smith, 2016

The bulletproof mind is attainable and sustainable. It does not mean that you become less affectionate or emotionally numb. It means that even in the times of grief, loss and chaos you will be able to stay at your center, able to react with mindfulness without crumbling to incoherency so quickly.

Psychological flexibility acquired through Eutaptics is lasting. It is a complete system that equips an individual how to manipulate psychological, emotional and physical reaction. In short, Eutaptics will provide you with all the tools and techniques to master your mind.

Because of this you are able to create and sustain a bulletproof mind.

Take Action!

The mind is trainable, yet it takes patience and perseverance. Nonetheless, if you don’t take action now, when? You see, negative mental patterns circulate within our mind in a vicious cycle that grows into a giant network of thoughts that has great influence over our behaviors. If you don’t stop it now, it will keep you from achieving and sustaining success.

Eutaptics is a system that embodies within its operating system all the techniques that will enable you to overcome any life hurdle. Click here to get the life masterclass that you’d ever need to acquire a bulletproof mind.

Faster EFT Certification

How to Change Yourself – Level 1 Online Training

The Level 1 Practitioner Certification Training program is well pronounced as the user manual for your unconscious and conscious mind by many health professionals, laypeople and life coaches that is designed to deliver fast and profound personal changes for themselves and for clients.
Robert Smith, Founder and CEO of Skills to Change Institute Inc. is giving everyone an opportunity to discover the power to change and improve their quality of life, emotionally, financially, relationships and health, with a powerful set of skills. Click here to view full course details.

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Successful PTSD Resolution Through [email protected]

eutaptics ptsd resolution

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a silent killer whether the cause of PTSD is due to any form of abuse, military service, or experiencing catastrophic events. It seems like those who suffer will never get permanent resolution and although other methods of psychotherapy have proven to help, lasting healing from PTSD resolution seems to be very difficult to achieve. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

eutaptics® FasterEFT Training is a combination of cutting edge techniques of the most effective healing modalities like, EFT, BSFF, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, spiritual understanding and science. It is a healing process of its own that can guarantee life transformation and help overcome PTSD.

eutaptics® FasterEFT Training can help end traumatic stress responses, not only the exhibited symptoms but help rewire the mind and release emotions carried by memories that supports the structure of traumatic stress. It is praised by many psychotherapists as the most effective tool in helping those who are suffering from PTSD.

Faster EFT Certification

How to Change Yourself – Level 1 Online Training

The Level 1 Practitioner Certification Training program is well pronounced as the user manual for your unconscious and conscious mind by many health professionals, laypeople, and life coaches that is designed to deliver fast and profound personal changes for themselves and for clients.
Robert Smith, Founder and CEO of Skills to Change Institute Inc. is giving everyone an opportunity to discover the power to change and improve their quality of life, emotionally, financially, relationships and health, with a powerful set of skills. Click here to view full course details.

Memory Reimprinting and Manipulation to Defeat Stress Response

Stress responses may range from mild to moderate when triggered. In cases of people without PTSD recovery from stress responses appear impossible as the slightest trigger or sometimes no trigger at all may cause extreme stress responses such as:

 1. Re-experiencing symptoms or reliving the event

This is when a person keeps on replaying the bad memories in their head like a looped short movie, sometimes the memories are replayed in nightmares. The person may even feel like as if they are within the same exact event again. Flashback is another term used to call this symptom.

2. Having more negative beliefs and feelings

The formation of negative beliefs within the mind of someone who is suffering from PTSD is widely varied. Often it starts with being disinterested in things they use to enjoy. Sometimes they may have very strong feelings of guilt and shame.

Other times, they switch to thinking that the entire world is a dangerous place and unable to trust even those people they are closely related to. It causes the person to feel “emotionally numb” or find it very difficult to be happy.

3.Avoiding situations that may trigger memories of the event

This is among the most common coping mechanism used by people suffering from the PTSD. It seems automatic for the mind to avoid any reminder of what may trigger the memories of a traumatic event.

Nonetheless, because the part of the mind storing this memories (subconscious) has no logic and reason, it may cause impairment in judgement.

Avoidance can have a snowball effect, it can be avoiding 1 situation and the next thing you know, the person is also avoiding other situations that may not really be directly associated with the memory anymore. If this pattern continues, the person may end up avoiding reality and unable to go back to normally live their lives.

4. Hyperarousal

Hyperarousal exhibited by a person suffering from PTSD include: sleep disturbances, unable to concentrate, easily startled, irritability to the most common things, panic attacks, hyper-alertness. Hyperarousal can expose the body to many health risks because it sends torrents of stress hormones all over the body almost non-stop, the amount of stress hormones can soon increase the chance of the body to weaken and deteriorate.

In other cases, hyperarousal causes some people to turn to substance abuse just to “numb” the mind. Learn how Eutaptics ends Traumatic Stress Responses and PTSD.

Since Stress Responses originates from the imprint of the traumatic experience that the mind utilize as a basis of perceiving life, PTSD sufferers may find it hard to find a way out of the cycle of stress responses. To truly provide a resolution, the Eutaptics when applied can help release the emotions carried by the imprints, causing PTSD and its accompanying symptoms to weaken allowing the person to mentally and physically recuperate.

Book a PTSD-Specific Session with Robert G. Smith, Creator of eutaptics® FasterEFT Training

Robert is a known expert stressbuster among the international community of healers. Allow the same man who has helped thousands of people light your way out of the dark episode in your life living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The most amazing thing with Robert’s sessions is that he has a way to clear your mind without having to re-traumatize you as memories of the event are tackled.

His PTSD-Specific sessions may be done 1-on-1 or through the phone and internet. Help does not have to be complicated, allow natural healing by Robert Smith become a part of your life today.

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Eutaptics – Coping with Drug Cravings and Overcoming Relapse

eutaptics addiction resolution

Drug addiction can be a long struggle and sobriety seems like an impossible state to achieve. Recovering from drug addiction begins with deciding you want to change. This initial step seems like the most difficult to achieve and easiest to say.

The cycle of addiction isn’t just vicious in nature, it can be a challenge to collapse within the mind of a drug user. That is why it is very important to address where the cycle of addiction is rooted and collapse the structure from that source.

The road to recovery is not always easy, but with recovery tools like Eutaptics you are guaranteed to produce a better life in no time without having to deal with the common pitfalls and setbacks. This is made possible by how Eutaptics can hack through the mind and reimprint memories causing addiction.

Addiction is a Mental Program

Every habit, reaction or response are mental programs that we inhabit. In other words, addictions and cravings are also mental programs created by the mind. Because of this nature of addiction, it means it is not a pathological disease, but merely a way of the mind to cope. More often than not, addictions result from avoidance behavior that may be rooted from an experience which caused an imprint in the mind to be actively used as a coping filter.

When an emotion is triggered, the person automatically switches on the program of addiction entering the cycle. To break the cycle of addiction, it is very important to learn the cause and not push the blame on substance.

Our misguided attempts to manage stress is a forerunner to developing drug abuse. Turning to alcohol and drugs is a very common thing to temporarily escape confronting emotions and experiences.

To create a lasting change to the addiction mental programming it is also essential that a person is equip with life management techniques. Eutaptics, by far is a modality ahead of others because of it’s life management approach that can help a person not only to recover by sustain a happier life.

Coping with Cravings and Overcoming Relapse

When a mental program becomes active, this program dominates the way we think. To break a program such as addiction and cravings, the person has to weaken the structure every time there is a trigger.

Eutaptics Tapping is a way to weaken triggers and with practice can completely eradicate the addiction program from deeper consciousness. Tapping releases the emotions carried by the imprint causing the trigger to use drugs. As a person taps along the meridian points, they can reduce the body’s stress response and slowly break the addiction cycle.

The Eutaptics tapping points are aimed towards using the key organs like the bladder, gallbladder, stomach, kidneys, lungs, large intestine, circulation, triple warmer, heart and small intestines.

Since we start out with a problem, in this case drug addiction trance, we end with the grabbing of the wrist after a deep breath and exhalation. With this we create a tranced state of relaxation, aka the Peace state. We keep repeating this cycle until that trance that caused you to reach for the needle is gone completely.

You do the sessions, change the memories and take away their power to trigger you to reach for the drug. They help you change memories and address your addiction, the addictive thinking of falling into a negative cycle instead of a positive cycle of thinking.

Changing old patterns of thinking will result in the physical changes. Testing and retesting is the key. Keep going until you can’t feel the feeling of being high. You know you’ve nipped it in the bud when you think about taking a hit but you realize you have something better to do instead of reaching for that drug.

Faster EFT Certification

How to Change Yourself – Level 1 Online Training

The Level 1 Practitioner Certification Training program is well pronounced as the user manual for your unconscious and conscious mind by many health professionals, laypeople and life coaches that is designed to deliver fast and profound personal changes for themselves and for clients.
Robert Smith, Founder and CEO of Skills to Change Institute Inc. is giving everyone an opportunity to discover the power to change and improve their quality of life, emotionally, financially, relationships and health, with a powerful set of skills. Click here to view full course details.

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Healing Your Sexual Self Through Eutaptics

eutaptics healing sexual issues

Eutaptics is a mental healing system that can activate healing from sexual issues. Eutaptics has a complete understanding on how sexual problems are produced by the mind. In application of Eutaptics methods to heal from sexual issue a person is given resolution to the internal problems where the issues are produced.

Robert G. Smith, the creator of Eutaptics was able to help thousands suffering from sexual issues through the healing processes he delivers in Eutaptics. There are a lot of Eutaptics Practitioners who are also psychosexual therapists. The main reason Eutaptics is widely used by psychosexual therapists is because it is the only healing system that can complement other forms of treatment without posing any risks.

Sexual problems often vary in complexity and intensity, most if not all sexual issues have mental origin. Unless otherwise it has been caused by an injury through surgery or accident.

Most sexual issues that are rooted in the mind are linked with traumatic stress responses or some, even common chronic stress disorders. While some issues may seem temporary, others may remain for years becoming a major forerunner for the individual’s feeling of unhappiness.

If not addressed, sexual issues can cause arousal of other negative emotions causing an individual to react negatively on many aspects in life. Sex is among the primeval need of a human being. It is true that it can be difficult to discuss since it contains the most sensitive, private and intimate needs of a person. But in reality, every adult needs it because it is an integral part of our biological program.

What sexual issues can Eutaptics help with?

  1. Loss of Sexual Desire
  2. Difficulties in achieving orgasm
  3. Painful intercourse
  4. Sexual arousal issues
  5. Erectile dysfunction
  6. Delayed ejaculation
  7. Premature ejaculation
  8. Intimacy issues following abuse
  9. Emotional breakdown following separation
  10. Vaginismus
  11. Fear of sexual acts
  12. Negative belief systems about sex
  13. Avoidance behavior – sex
  14. Low self-esteem relating to intimacy
  15. Sexual intimacy issues relating to past sexual traumas
  16. Sexual issues relating to fetishes and preferences

How does Eutaptics work on sexual issues?

The main goal of Eutaptics is to identify the root cause of sexual issues. It is the only sexual healing process that can get to the root cause of the problem fast. The symptoms are not ignored of course, but the symptoms are not addressed one by one. The quicker the root cause of the problem is addressed; the symptoms shall follow and disappear. Meaning if you change the mental programming from where the problem is produced, the body automatically follows.

If seeking coaching or sessions with a Eutaptics practitioner and not self-application of the techniques through guided sexual healing programs, there will be sharing. This is essential for some advanced sexual issues.

The practitioner has to identify the thoughts, behaviors and patterns revolving around the issue. Exploring relevant past events is necessary to identify the memories producing the problem.

We operate from imprint to imprint. These imprints or memories are the precursor of our sexual habits, preferences, problems and satisfaction. This is how the mind works that is why it is important to understand because Eutaptics focus is on how the mind encodes, stores and process information.

Healing Sexual Memories of Rape and Abuse

WARNING: Strong Sexual Content. Please honor this work and those who volunteer by keeping this video private.

Sexual abuse is one of the most controversial and least talked about issues in society today, yet it is so common. This video shows you how Eutaptics can help release the hurt and pain of sexual abuse or rape. Every woman should watch this video. Celia was sexually abused at the age of 3-4. Get your copy here.

In other words, in order to breakdown the mental structure leading to sexual issues, the source has to be reimprinted. If the problem is revolving around past traumas, the memory of the trauma with the highest frequency has to be changed.

For some people, new to the idea of memory reimprinting, this may be difficult to understand. In a nutshell, our mind has several divisions or layers of consciousness. All our memories are encoded within the subconscious and the unconscious, think of it as big storage of data.

All our incoming and present experiences are identified by the conscious mind by rapidly and simultaneously drawing references coming from memories or stored data.

Without this function, it would be difficult for us to survive because it is responsible in signaling the brain and the body’s reaction whether something is dangerous, safe or neutral. Meaning even if there is no actual danger, but if the mind perceives a thought that has been provoked to be dangerous, it automatically shuts down, this is the case with most sexual issues.

In short, sexual issues are miscommunication between mental program and body functions. As such, it can be changed because the mind has boundless ability to transform and heal itself.

Book a Eutaptics Session with Robert Smith

A session with the Eutaptics Master Practitioner, the creator of Eutaptics himself, means that you are getting information and teachings directly from someone who holds a complete understanding on why you have problems. But that doesn’t stop there, you have a chance to collapse your problems and become free.

Claim your freedom today! Book a session with Robert G. Smith and let him guide you how to unlock your abilities to make you reach your full potential. Click here to book a session.

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Easily Thin by Using the Power of the Mind to Lose Unwanted Weight

eutaptics weight loss programs

Are you stuck in the perpetual question, “How to lost weight naturally?” If you are, then you have probably tried almost anything that you can get a hold of, just to lose weight. The mind-body thinking system has been around for many years, some people who are struggling to lose weight may have applied a few of them after consecutively failing one after the next.

The mainstream media has been bombarding us with advertisements on how to lose weight, sadly none of it really works because they say the same things, eat less and exercise more.

They hardly answer the root of the dilemmas, which are:

  1. Why is it difficult to be motivated to exercise?
  2. How do you really change a lifestyle?
  3. What causes your attachment to certain types of food?
  4. Where do you really begin to address weight loss?

In reality, none of the popular, mainstream and viral weight loss programs truly answer these questions. They only market their processes in hopes that it will continue to go viral and another person bites the idea.

But it is definitely a different story when it comes to those people who have tried Eutaptics weight loss specific programs, they were able to maintain their ideal weight, change their lifestyle, found and break their attachment to certain types of food and learned where to really begin how to address weight loss.

 Considered Pills-Assisted Weight Loss?

The problem with diet pills is not only the fact that it can expose you to health risks, such as liver damage, hormonal imbalance and a lot more. The real problem of weight loss pills is dependence. Of course, that is what the weight-loss-medication companies want you to do, be dependent on their product so that you buy more.

Whether they have components that induce addiction or not, just the fact that you remain to think that the pills will make you slimmer is enough for the mind to perceive dependence on the product.

To get easily thin by using the power of the mind, the weight loss program must be able to answer the questions mentioned above, and Eutaptics is the only mind-body weight loss program that keeps on proving results for thousands of people globally.

Eutaptics answers the following weight-loss-related questions:

1. Why is it difficult to be motivated to exercise?

If you have subscribed to a weight loss program in the past that forcefully included exercise in the weight loss regimen, you may have found the answer to that question and—that is:

Because motivation begins in the mind. If your mind is programmed to perceive exercise as an additional chore, a new strenuous task or something that takes you away from your responsibilities, weight loss programs focused on exercise is bound to fail.

While there is no doubt exercise can help you reduce weight, and make your body healthier, if it is outside your natural mental programming, then it will definitely be difficult to keep up with a regular exercise create changes in the body with impact.

2. How do you really change your lifestyle?

Changing your lifestyle is not difficult, if you start with the right foot forward you will be amazed how in just a short period of time, you have accomplished a lifestyle change that you may have considered impossible.

In changing your lifestyle, you have to be ready to admit that you need to change your mindset, you need to dig deep in the imprints and memories within your mind that contributes to your unhealthy lifestyle. Eutaptics memory reimprinting process which is within the weight loss specific programs taught by Robert Smith, creator of Eutaptics, contains the knowledge to do just that.

Our lifestyle is patterned and created through the culmination of the memories through experiences we have gathered since we were very young. These memories created how you pattern your life, your choices of colors, types of clothes, what you eat and how you eat, and many more.

For an individual to really be able to change an unhealthy lifestyle, you need to collapse the thought structure from within the layers of consciousness. From there you can reimprint new thoughts, memories and restructure mental patterns that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This is not mystical science; this is practical psychological science that has proven to work time and again.

3. What causes your attachment to certain types of food?

As mentioned earlier, your current lifestyle is a collection of thoughts and memories stored within your unconscious mind. Your preferences of food and unhealthy eating habits are therefore originating from and motivated by the mind.

Your attachments to certain types of food has its origin from the memory of an experience that must be supercharged by emotions. For example, you have a very nice moist chocolate cake in front of you, why do you feel an extreme attachment about it and the need to consume it? And if you are with another person, you might notice they are just neutral about it, or would prefer another flavor of cake.

The truth is, it isn’t the chocolate cake. Not how its looks, not how it tastes, the reason that cake is eaten by you is because you decided and gave in to the impulse of wanting it.  In other words, the cake did not jump from the plate to your mouth, you voluntarily ate it.

That’s is because your attached to the feeling of wanting to eat the cake, there must be something about you and the chocolate cake that is intricately intertwined within your mental structure that makes it irresistible. This can be a single memory or a whole bunch of them that relates the chocolate cake to a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

This can happen to any type of food, drinks or even how you wish to eat your food. Your attachment to certain types of food or certain eating habits are directly related to your emotions from previous experiences.

In breaking this mental structure to help in losing weight. Eutaptics applies techniques that can collapse this thought structure that contributes to your unhealthy attachment to food. It does wonders with people suffering from food addiction and unhealthy eating habits.

4. Where do you really begin to address weight loss?

To truly lose weight, to easily thin, be slim and stay slimmer, you need to address the underlying factors and the dynamics of mental patterns within the mind. Eutaptics is the only mind-body-spirit healing modality with complete understanding on why we have weight problems.

A person who applies Eutaptics techniques will be equipped with knowledge on how to reduce weight by eliminating thoughts evoking unhealthy eating and lifestyle in just a short period of time.

It is a proven and applied process by hundreds of thousands of people who never thought losing weight using the power of the mind is possible. Eutaptics is a thinking system with aims to align your life to a well-structured idea of happiness.

Be Slimmer Stay Slim (Online Workshop)Be Slimmer Stay Slim (Online Workshop)

“Be Slimmer Stay Slim” is our advanced weight loss workshop. It contains almost 25 hours of weight-loss specific video training presented by Robert Smith to help you Be Slimmer and Stay Slim. You will learn how to use the Eutaptics tapping style to break the emotional connections with food that cause over-eating, comfort-eating and food addictions.

Or you can try…

Get The Eutaptics Ultimate Weight Loss Program Now

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Reimprinting Toxic Beliefs – Creating a Happy Life

eutaptics reimprinting toxic beliefs

Toxic beliefs are the producers of our problems. Most people often wonder why they are caught up in the same cycle of problems – we say, it is because you created them and some may take this as a step to self-development while others take no effort and dash away forever doubting the ability of the mind to influence our happiness.

We are all special, we are born packed with tendencies. However, our tendencies aren’t always on the positive side, we are equally packed with negative tendencies. The precursor of how these tendencies ripen and become an integral part of what we identify as self, personality or characteristic are our experiences, from birth until today.

In other words, you have the tendency to be a great musician if your mind has tapped into music since you were little. You have the tendency to become great in just about anything as much as a tendency to produce cycle of problems that makes you assume that you are a failure.

As long as you live, all these tendencies, good and bad are active in your being.

Mental Programs

When the tendencies have ripened, it becomes part of self, becoming what we believe as our mental programming. Mental programs determine our reaction and response to the world around us. While our mental programming appears to be fixed or permanent, they are not.

Our personal beliefs about how the world works are but an attribute of the mind, but it is not what makes the mind or defines self in its entirety.

If all our mental programs are virtuous in nature, then life could be a lot easier and everyone will be living in harmony. But that is not the case as we are gifted with a unique set of mental skills. How we store and use memories or imprints and how the unconscious and subconscious use them as part of our coping mechanism varies from one individual to the next.

In other words, mental programming is a set of skills. Each day we are skillfully producing what our mind holds valid and true. We function from one imprint to the next to identify with our new experiences to formulate a reaction or response in order to keep us safe, emotionally and physically.

Our toxic beliefs are often the creators of non-virtuous mental programs that leads us to behave, think and function negatively.

7 Common Toxic Beliefs

There is a lengthy list of toxic beliefs each of us holds precious within our minds. So precious we think losing them would mean we are less of a person. To some degree, we cling on these toxic beliefs like our safety is bound with them.

Nonetheless, in reality, they serve us nothing, they are the cause that makes us feel limited, uninspired and respond negatively about the world we live in.

1. You are not meant to be happy

Previous relationships may have caused you to be convinced that you are not meant to be happy. Often, coming out of a tragic relationship may cause us to feel guilty, ashamed or disappointed of ourselves, then we create and cling to the idea that we are not meant to be happy.

When we subscribe to this idea, it affects all other aspects of our mind, behavior and life. Feeling stuck in a negative situation and unable to seize opportunities of either a new relationship or career growth are very common to people who holds a belief that they are not meant to be happy.

The imprints that the subconscious holds about happiness can create impact in our overall wellbeing. Decide to be happy today and start believing that each and every one is meant to be happy.

Happiness is every soul’s birthright.

2. History repeats itself

History is nonexistent in physical form. It is done – finish, past – and subscribing to the belief that your past has control over your today and tomorrow will only allow problems of the similar nature to be produced. History doesn’t repeat itself, it is more appropriate that you repeat the same mental programs that is why it seems like what happened in the past is happening again.

To break the cycle of problems, illnesses and unwanted life experiences, you need to break free from this toxic belief. None of the past is real, unless you command your mind that they still exist.

The subconscious has the power to attract similar experiences, good and bad. Choose wisely what you keep in constant high vibration for they are being served to your experiences without falter.

3. I don’t fit anywhere

While there is virtue in claiming your uniqueness, there is no virtue in claiming it believing that you are an outcast. The reason that we feel discord with our environments is the fact that often our dreams and purpose in life is misaligned with our reality.

You can either see that in the positive light or drown thinking its negative and never pursue to change and transform your mindsets.

You create your reality based on your mental resources, choose to have positive mental resources and let go of the negative ones, then you will see the perfection in each unfolding moment.

4. Jealousy and Envy

Jealousy and envy does not create progress. The mind processes thoughts of this nature not to motivate you but to destroy you. Aspire to be the person you are jealous of or align with the person you are envious of and it can lead you to drive better results.

If you are constantly jealous, you give a pretty wide window for other negative emotions to rise and simultaneously fire negative mental patterns that will only make you feel frustrated, drained and ultimately – feel like a failure.

5. Accept Criticism

Criticism, although there are so many that are intended to negatively affect you should not always affect you and cause you to feel bad about yourself. Building psychological flexibility can help you shield from criticism that may affect you.

Practice how to see the good in each criticism and keep an open mind about it. Use and absorb the ones that can help you grow and discard the negative ones.

6. Life is boring

When you give rise to the idea that life is dull and boring, you are definitely going to produce a boring life. The way we see life is just based on our mental conditioning.

If you conditioned your mind to see life as exciting and full of joy, you will be hyperaware of those that can lead you more happiness. However, if your mental programming is focused on the negative and boring side of life, no doubt – you will produce more of it.

7. There is no one for you

Feeling lonely and depressed may happen from time to time, but like anything else, you created it. Harsh as it may sound for other people but this is the reality of things. The more you think that there is no one for you, your mind will produce the feeling of depression, loneliness and self-pity and because of these negative emotions, you will feel as though there is no one for you in this entire planet.

Hardly so, but you will never find that perfect match unless you first align with yourself and truly without any trace of doubt feel that you are a complete being capable of happiness without depending on another person.

Reimprinting Toxic Beliefs

Reimprinting toxic beliefs can warrant new mindsets to be formed by the mind allowing you to release problems caused by negative mental programs.

To reimprint means locating the imprint within the subconscious and unconscious that holds the highest emotional value supporting a toxic belief. When the emotions carried by these imprints or memories are released, an individual will automatically achieve a better perception about life and access to experiences leading to happiness.

Eutaptics is a memory reimprinting system that holds a good track record in helping people release negative mindsets by destroying toxic beliefs. Get started today!

Transform Your Life with Eutaptics

“Transform Your Life with Eutaptics” contains almost 9 hours of video to help you learn the basics of Eutaptics including the Eutaptics belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and how to release those problems using the Eutaptics tapping style. It will teach you how to fix problems in your life and give you a sense of peace. It also includes live demonstrations of the Eutaptics tapping process by Robert Smith. Get full course description here.

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Discover How Eutaptics Can Help You Outsmart Stress and Burnout

eutpatics stress management

When everyday pressure and tension from work and life gets in our way, we simply ignore the signs of something more sinister – burnout. The term may seem normal as most people use it and attribute a colloquial meaning simply being in state of being tired.

However, medically speaking, burnout can be more than the usual complaint of being tired. Being burnout means suffering from mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.

Experiencing daily stress that leads for emotions, mind and body to not fully recover before a new one hits can lead to chronic stress or burnout. Eutaptics is a system created to combat the signs and symptoms of burnout and equips a person with knowledge on how to stop stress on its tracks.

If the mind continues to adapt on a regular highly stressed state it can lead for the body to experience complications that can lead to physical illnesses and disorders.

What Happens to Mind and Body When Stressed?

Stress can actually help the mind to function better and improve performance. That is if you can keep it check to be in mild to relatively moderate levels.

Nonetheless, stress outside your comfort zone can cause the mind and mental functions to go in a frenzy and produce chaos in between your mental network. Hence, losing focus and allowing the body to tense.

But what really happens is that the mind begins to signal the brain that there is a threat. You see this is a primitive response of the mind to all kinds of stressors, it is very helpful in times of real danger. But the mind is often non-discriminative, it will produce the same response even to the mildest stressor you encounter throughout the day, when it piles up, you feel limping at the end of the day.

When the brain has been triggered by the mind of things relating to stress, the brain triggers the body to utilize the autonomic nervous system to prioritize release of stress hormones. The stress hormones function to keep the mind and the body alert and be ready to be in defense, run or freeze. It is an awesome mechanism in times of real and great danger.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t serve the body any good when it happens on mild to relatively moderate stress because it only produces confusion within the body’s systems. The cardiovascular system will automatically dilate and constrict your blood vessels in different parts of the body, while the heart pumps more blood than normal.

In other words, your blood supply in other parts of the body is elevated while others are reduced. Causing some major organs deprived of nutrients and oxygen. If the body is allowed to recover quickly, stress cannot create major damages, but in cases of burnout or chronic stress disorder, the body is placed in major risks.

But the most notable mental reaction is the formation of negative mental patterns caused by stress. Such as anxiety, depression, headaches, chronic pains, immune system deficiency and many others. In fact, 70-90% of all doctor’s visits are stress-related illnesses.

How Eutaptics Get Rid of Stress?

The most important thing in trying to fight and eradicate stress is to find where it is rooted. Eutaptics is a mental healing system that can help anyone get rid of stress from where it is within the mind. What creates extreme stress for one person may cause no to mild stress for another.

The reason for this lies within how you perceive a particular object, event or person that is causing you stress. Our perception about anything is affected by our memories, the records we hold within the mind that serves as references whether something we are experiencing is safe, dangerous or neutral. This is how the mind works.

Meaning to say, if we learn how to change our mental perception about something that creates stress, we can reduce the risk of burnout and chronic stress disorder to buildup.

How Eutaptics does this is by training an individual to reimprint those memories causing stress. For example, if you are easily triggered by your boss, there might be something within your mind that provokes the idea of reacting or overreacting, through  Eutaptics techniques you can discover and pinpoint exactly what it is.

Perhaps it’s your boss’s appearance, or his demeanor that resembles someone from your past that caused you pain. There are many possibilities, and Eutaptics is a process that can pinpoint the reference in which stress is drawn.

Another great thing about the Eutaptics process is that personal application is actionable in times when you need it most.

It is the only healing system that helps people outsmart stress from its source, allowing the body to fully recover and relax the mind, body and spirit.

toxic-belief-system-or-self-empowerment-600x600Transform Your Life With Eutaptics

“Transform Your Life with Eutaptics” is an introduction to the Eutaptics tapping style. It’s the next step after the “7 Day Quick Start Course” and the step before Level I training.

“Transform Your Life with Eutaptics” contains almost 9 hours of video to help you learn the basics of Eutaptics including the Eutaptics belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and how to release those problems using the Eutaptics tapping style. It will teach you how to solve problems in your life and give you a sense of peace. It also includes live demonstrations of the Eutaptics tapping process by Robert Smith. Click here for the course description.

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